Making an entry

Use the email and password you have registered with to sign in.

Click Sign In.  Be sure not to click the Enter button on your keyboard at the end of your email address.  Use the cursor to move to the password box or use the Tab key.

Find the event you want to enter.  You can use the filter buttons to make the list a littler shorter.  Events are organised in chronological order.

Click ENTER beside the event you want to enter

Agree to the Disclosure Statement by ticking the Agree box

Click ENTER HORSES beside the name of the rider you are wanting to enter


You will then see a list of your horses.  Click ENTER beside the horse you wish to enter.

You will get a pop up with the list of classes available at the show.  Tick the enter box on the left for each class you want to enter.

and then click the Save button.

At this point you can enter additional riders or horses by repeating the process.

Once you have made all the entries click NEXT

You will now see a summary of your compulsory fees 

You can also choose any optional fees such as yarding and camping.

Select the payment method you wish to use

If you have any special requests or are riding a test of choice you can enter this information here.

You can now enter the names of any Volunteers who can assist at the event.

You have now completed your entry.  Once you click the Confirm Entry button your entry cannot be removed from the competition.

To complete your entry click the CONFIRM ENTRY button

You will receive an email confirmation of your entry and it will show on the website after approximately 30 minutes.






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