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 Creating an Evo Events account

Linking under 18 riders to a parent account.

Entries for riders under 18 need to be made via the parent account.  If the rider and parent already have accounts using the same email address but different passwords then the accounts should link automatically. If they don't you have a couple... Read More

Adding A New Horse

Go to My Account, click the button at the top right of the screen. If the boxes on the My Account screen are blank, you won't be able to add a horse.  If you are using Internet Explorer 11, we recommend you use another browser (Google Chrome... Read More

Creating an account for a person over 18

Before you can make an entry you need to create an Evo Events account.   Each individual needs their own account with an email address and password.   It is not necessary to be a member of ESNZ to have an Evo Events account. To create an... Read More

Uploading Breeding Papers

Sign in to your Evo Events Account     Select "My Account" Scroll down until you see your horses. Click on the right hand button called View in the Docs column   You now get a pop-up where you can upload a document that is... Read More